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Welcome to esl printables, the website where english language teachers exchange resources. Now look at the results section of the article to read all about your intelligence profiles, strengths, and learning styles. Multiple intelligences questionnaire teachervision. To learn more, please see this 2018 article on some common misunderstandings about multiple intelligences theory and learning styles. Multiple intelligences in the classroom brain connection.

Students need to understand muliple intelligences theory. Logicalmathematical intelligence math smart spatial intelligence picture. After learning about gardners multiple intelligence theory and taking this inventory, students are assigned this project as a way of demonstrating their mastery of the intelli. Teaching esl using the nine multiple intelligences is an excellent way to generate satisfying results in learning english as a second language or english as a foreign language. How human development research should inform educational practice 2006. Every child has at least one intelligence that is the strongest, and some believe teaching to those strengths can help students to be more successful. For example, you can assign students tasks that ask them to use different intelligences rather than styles and ask them to reflect on their learning process afterward. The following classroom activities favor this type of intelligence. Ask students to identify scientific principles in areas other than science. Gardner goes on to say that, indeed, as currently constituted, our educational system is heavily biased toward linguistic modes of instruction and assessment and, to a somewhat lesser degree, toward logical.

Verballinguistic intelligence word smart learners who are word smart have a way with words. Multiple intelligences activities are useful for english teaching in a variety of situations. Gardners multiple intelligences theory can be used for curriculum development, planning instruction, selection of course activities, and related assessment strategies. An investigation between multiple intelligences and learning. Multiple intelligences around the room an out of seat activity in which students move throughout 8 premarked areas of the classroom to find out their strengths and intelligences.

Hobbs professor in cognition and education at the harvard graduate school of education. How technology enhances howard gardners eight intelligences. Multiple intelligences tally sheet circle the numbers below that you checked on your multiple intelligence checklist. Eight multiple intelligences are outlined along with teaching tips and fun activities. It also aims to describe gender differences and the relationship between learning styles and multiple intelligences of the students. Multiple intelligences provides a way for teachers to expand the repertoire of techniques, tools, and strategies beyond the. Up until the present day, standardized intelligence exams are used to determine the intellectual capacity of learners. Having multiple ways to solve a problem is beneficial for all of us, particularly when problems are complex and require innovative thinking. Utilizing multiple intelligences for differentiated instruction. Depending on the size, small cars, airplanes, and people can be included. These intelligences are located in different parts of the brain and can either work independently or together. Elements of multiple intelligences in teaching and learning activities and the effect on students achievement based on gender. By not embracing multiple methods of teaching based on different intelligences, students often left school feeling undervalued. Multiple intelligences is the theory, created by howard gardner, that every person excels at a different type of learning.

Gardners discovery has proven to be a great help for educators and psychologists to better understand the differences in every child. Verballinguistic intelligence word smart description. To respect the many differences between peoplethis is what howard gardner says is the purpose of learning about multiple intelligences. When writing teachers use students multiple intelligences, students writing has the potential to improve as does their enthusiasm for writing. Like most teachers, youre probably familiar with howard gardners theory on multiple intelligences. How to use gardners multiple intelligences theory to help. These intelligences can be nurtured and strengthened, or ignored and weakened. Instruction which is designed to help students develop their strengths can also trigger their confidence to develop areas in which they are not as strong.

The theory of multiple intelligences mi suggests that there are eight different areas in which an individual can be intelligent. Child caredaycare assessments multiple intelligences. Here he discusses studentdirected learning, multiple intelligences, and a different approach to assessment. Pdf multiple intelligences in the elementary classroom. These are learning centers with appropriate activities for each intelligence set up around the classroom. Thats 4,036 pages filled with thousands of practical activities and tips that you can start using today. Instruction which is designed to help students develop their strengths can also trigger their confidence to develop areas in.

Pdf multiple intelligences in the elementary classroom a. Students examine current scientific, technological or other types of innovations popular science magazine is a very good place to find pictures and short descriptions of these. With delivery of instruction, one size does not fit all. Reading activities for gardners multiple intelligences. Multiple intelligences in the elementary classroom a teachers toolkit. When planning your instruction, aim to engage students in activities from at least three of the categories below. The most important aspect of using multiple intelligence activities in class is that you will be giving support to learners who may find more traditional activities difficult. This is the other half of the children who typically do well in traditional classrooms where teaching is logically sequenced and students are asked to conform. Though one or two intelligences may dominant a students learning style, remember that students naturally possess parts of several intelligences. Teaching learning styles and multiple intelligences to. Verballinguistic students love words and use them as a primary way of thinking and. You can also offer students choices from below when assessing their understanding of a story they are reading. The theory of multiple intelligences posits that children have differing levels of eight different types of intelligence.

Jul 17, 2019 despite this, the theory of multiple intelligences enjoys considerable popularity with educators. Nov 03, 2018 learn more about gardners theory of multiple intelligences as it applies to education. The list below provides literaturebased reading activities for each intelligence. This article explores an important part of implementing gardners theory in the classroom. Alternatives in the classroom 1999, the multiple intelligences of reading and writing 2003, and the best schools. If a child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in. According to gardner, we can improve education by addressing the multiple intelligences of our students.

Many of the methods for teaching students about style will also serve as ways to teach them about multiple intelligences. Students move throughout 8 locations where they read general statements and tally how many are true for them in each a. The theory of multiple intelligences was developed in 1983 by dr. Traditional teaching and testing in schools has not been broad in scope. Create advertising materials for a made up business. He also holds positions as adjunct professor of psychology at harvard university and senior director of harvard project zero he has written twenty books, hundreds of articles, and is best known for his theory of multiple intelligences, which holds that. Classroom activities for multiple intelligences lovetoknow.

Use the following checklist to determine which intelligence each of your students possesses. Students can also be given a map and then asked to create a village. If you arent familiar with howard gardners theory, youll find that ebook a good place to start. He says that there are eight kinds of intelligence, not just one. See more ideas about multiple intelligences activities, multiple intelligences and teaching. Then count how many circles you have in each column, and write that number at the bottom of each column. See more ideas about multiple intelligences activities. Allow students to use all the intelligences to solve a problem read about it, analyze it, draw it, act it out, work to a rhythm, relate it to nature, talk about it, or reflect on it.

Efl teachers multiple intelligences and their classroom practice article pdf available in sage open 73. In this activity students stand in a circle and toss a ball to another student to ask them a question. What are multiple intelligences and how do they affect. Proposed by howard gardner in 1983, the theory of multiple intelligences has revolutionized how we understand intelligence. If a child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns. Multiple intelligence activities to use in your elementary classroom. As a learning center, students are asked make a map of the village. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Despite this, the theory of multiple intelligences enjoys considerable popularity with educators.

An investigation between multiple intelligences and. Dramatize events from using the appropriate musical background. Another effective method for teaching students about multiple intelligences is to set up intelligence stations or activity centers armstrong, 1994. Teaching learning styles and multiple intelligences to students. Dr howard gardner developed the theory of multiple intelligences. Learning more about the multiple intelligences can help you better understand your own strengths. Instructional guide niu center for innovative teaching. Many teachers utilize multiple intelligences in their teaching philosophies and work to integrate gardners theory into the classroom. A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach multiple intelligences, shared by english language teachers. Teaching students about multiple intelligence theory can be very empowering. Here is a discussion of the eight different intelligences dr. Nurture whichever intelligences they excel in while helping them to discover and develop others. This guide is a brief compilation of teachingrelated information from several sources, including instructional guidebooks from other institutions, journals, and contributions from master teachers and academic support units at northern illinois university.

According to gardner, we can improve education by addressing the multiple intelligences of. The analytical intelligences are by nature heuristic speculative formulation processes. Big list of multiple intelligence activities for the. Compare two people or events from by writing a jingle for each. Here is an overview of how and why to go about integrating multiple intelligences and esl.

For an indepth explanation of the theory, read the multiple intelligences overview. Find three random things for example, a blade of grass, the word long, and the process jumping and ask your. Howard gardners multiple intelligences theory states that a person may excel in one or two fields, has moderate skills in three, and is weak in one or two types of intelligences. Gardner proposes and their relationship to the esl efl classroom.

This is an activity meant to be used to help students understand and apply gardners theory of the multiple intelligences. Strips of paper can be used to indicate roads, railroad tracks, rivers and lakes. Adapting instruction to multiple intelligences scholastic. Use these ideas for learning activities that will appeal to your students based on their particular strengths. They are comfortable expressing themselves verbally. Learn more about gardners theory of multiple intelligences as it applies to education. Have students fill out a multiple intelligence survey to discover their preferences and strengths. John mccarthy launches his differentiated instruction series by. Higher numbers show intelligences you are stronger in, lower numbers show ones you are weaker in. This study aims to reveal secondary school students multiple intelligences and learning styles. Multiple intelligence survey free personal favorite for.

Howard gardner, professor of education at harvard university. The multiple intelligences theory is connected to multisensory learning, which teaches that children learn better with activities that involve more than one sense. Reading activities for gardners multiple intelligences howard gardner expanded our understanding of intelligence by arguing that the focus should not be on how smart a person is, but rather, how a person is smart. A smattering of activities using multiple intelligence theory. Linguistic intelligence involves the ability to comprehend words while reading, writing, or speaking. Teaching to multiple intelligences 10 purpose of the study the purpose of the study is to investigate how teachers are teaching to students multiple intelligences and incorporating differentiated instruction within the classroom. Jul 08, 2019 the multiple intelligences theory is connected to multisensory learning, which teaches that children learn better with activities that involve more than one sense. Activities for esl lessons with multiple intelligences. Each explanation is followed by lesson plans or exercises which can be used in class. See more ideas about multiple intelligences, multiple intelligences activities and teaching.

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