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Safenet data protection portfolio includes key management hsm keysecure protectfile protectdb protectapp and protectv. Safenet authentication service private cloud edition saspcea term used to describe the on. Operating at the kernel level, users can define with file, folder or network share paths require encryption. The company protects identities, transactions, communications, data and software licensing through a full spectrum of encryption technologies, including hardware, software, and chips. Safenet protectv enables organizations to encrypt entire virtual machines that run sql databases. Safenet protectfile is a filelevel encryption solution that seamlessly and transparently protects sensitive file data in apache cassandra databases. An application encryption solution deployed in combination with safenet keysecure that supports a broad range of the most widely used web application servers and enterprise applications including those hosted on virtual machines and in the cloud. Most schools operate a paper based safeguarding system for reporting child protection issues and safeguarding concerns.

Safe software and integrated solutions pvt ltd has been serving our valued customers across india and the globe. Founded more than 20 years ago, the company provides complete security utilizing its encryption technologies to protect communications, intellectual property and digital identities, and offers a full spectrum of products including hardware, software, and chips. Safenet is designed to allow rapid custom development of discrete addon modules to accommodate literally anything required. Safenet enables governments, nongovernmental, international and commercial clients to achieve their operational goals and objectives across the globe. Safeguarding software for schools safeguard software. Where can i download sentinel hasp and sentinel rms. Safeguarding sensitive data in the cloud and virtual. Safenet protectv ensures that all virtual machine archives, snapshots and backups are secure regardless of where they reside. From planning fire escape routes for your home to educating your family on how to best protect themselves in the. Safenet is a global leader in information security, founded more than 25 years ago. Whether building an encryption strategy, licensing software, providing trusted access to the cloud, or meeting compliance mandates, you can rely on thales to secure your digital transformation.

There will be no software charges for that unit, but aws infrastructure charges still apply. Safenet cloud provisioning system use this system to provision your safenet cloud security solutions amazon machine image ami for managing security policies and keys for your protected virtual servers. Gemalto safenet protectv for the microsoft azure secures sensitive data by encrypting all data within an entire virtual machine vm located on all attached storage volumes. Safenet authentication service service provider edition sasspethe software used to build a safenet authentication service. Safenet offers free trial for cloudbased encryption and. Protectv and keysecure offer support for failover and replication, which enables organizations to ensure the availability and scalability of critical cryptographic processing. If you received the token file via email then please save the software token file to your hard drive of your computer first before proceeding. It was designed specifically to allow monitor dynamics or the client to evolve the solution to any need, even ones we could not predict. The company offers an array of services and solutions to support critical infrastructure protection, conflict and postconflict reconstruction, humanitarian work and emerging market requirements. Protectserver external p r o t e c t s e r v e r e x t e r n a l h a r d w a r e s e c u r i t y m o d u l e hardware security module hsm safenet protectserver external is a networkattached hsm that connects via tc pi to asi ng lem ch rpw k lan f cryptographic subsystem for delivery of symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic servi c. Custom software applications architectural building block to help you secure your applications.

Protect software develops leading copy protection and license control solutions for software, video and virtually any other content. Some of the many reasons enterprises choose safenet protectv for their virtual. The world relies on thales to protect and secure access to your most sensitive data and software wherever it is created, shared or stored. Safeguarding sensitive data in the cloud and virtual datacenters 3 a technical overview of safenet protectv whitepaper scalability and high availability. We provide market leading safeguarding software for schools, multi academy trusts, local authorities and other organisations with a duty for safeguarding children and young adults. Safenets proven encryption and enterprise key management solution turns any cloud into a trusted and compliant environment by solving the critical challenges of data governance, control, and ownershipno matter where you store your data. Safenet protectv gateway for microsoft azure is offered as an hourly subscription for 50 nodes, 100 nodes, and 200 nodes in the microsoft azure marketplace. Safenet protectapp encrypts data at the application level to secure data by either column or field within ibm db2 databases. Safenet and netapp come together next gen encryption and enterprise key management safenet and netapp have teamed to provide an unparalleled combination of security and storage efficiency ondrej valent regional channel sales manager ondrej.

Customers are encouraged to transition to the latest version of safenet protectv for continued full disk encryption of physical servers, virtual machines, and cloud instances to securely run sensitive workloads. We are an experienced and passionate team with offices in the united states, germany and the united kingdom. Safenetprotectvvirtual keysecure encrypted aws ec2 instances skyhigh networks cloud access security broker encrypted service now data in the cloud logrhythm. The openlm server seamlessly interfaces both tools, in order to extract comprehensive license statistics reports. Safenet etoken 5100 integrates seamlessly with thirdparty applications through safenet authentication development tools, supports safenet pki and password management applications and software development tools, and allows customization of applications and extension of functionality through onboard java applets. Before you launch the protectv ami, make sure you have completed the tasks outlined in this section. Safenets integrated suite of data protection solutions secures data across the. The sentinel hasp and sentinel rms license management tools may be downloaded from the products section on safenets web site, under the licensing and management title. Symantec encryption software powered by pgp provides privacy and authentication for data communication. Secure data in microsoft azure with encryption of virtual machine instances and storage volumes. Safenet is an inspection body and compliance expert. Safenet data protection safenet protectfile is a key component of safenets comprehensive data protection solution to reduce the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance, data privacy, and information risk management.

Protectv provides the industrys first comprehensive high assurance solution. Safenets apponchip technology strengthens the bond. Safenet protectv turns any cloud environment into a trusted environment by solving the. While the migration of applications to softwareasaservice saas and. Gemalto safenets network encryption products are a key component of. The traditional perimeter no longer exists, and new points of vulnerability have surfaced as a result. Gemalto to acquire safenet,the worldwide leader in data.

When computerized banking systems were gaining popularity, safe was a pioneer in the area of core banking and related platforms. Safenet protectv extends its protection to include associated storage volumes, instance snapshots, backups, and partitions that contain structured and unstructured data. We are a uk notified body for the machinery directive and the emc directive and we operate across the globe. Customers can try safenet protectv gateway 200 nodes free for 30 days. With a rest interface and microservices based architecture, the k170v has been. The hse software library requires modification in order to address an undesired function. Safenet protectv is a highavailability encryption solution for securing sensitive and highlyregulated data that resides in aws ec2 instances and aws ebs volumes. How to purchase safenet protectv gateway for microsoft azure can be purchased in the microsoft azure marketplace. By integrating into the application through easy to use standardsbased apis, safenet protectapp secures data as it is generated to keep it safe throughout its entire lifecycle without requiring any architectural.

Safenet protectv for microsoft azure secures sensitive and highlyregulated data by encrypting data within entire virtual machines, bare metal servers, and attached storage volumes. Since 1996 we effectively and reliably secure the valuable properties of our large and small clients. Trello is the visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on projects. On january 8, 2015, safenet became part of gemalto with the aim to become the worlds leading vendor of solutions for protecting data, transactions, and identities as well as monetizing software. Gemaltosafenet protectv for the microsoft azure secures sensitive data by encrypting all data within an entire virtual machine vm located on all attached storage volumes. Installing vectorworks site protection software a user account with administrator rights is necessary for installation and operation on both the client machines and the server machine. Pro benefits protectserver external tect erver hardware. Do not use the same machine as both a server and a client, or use the vectorworks site protection server on a virtual machine.

Safenet protectdrive etoken a ikey etoken network logon 5. Gemaltosafenet protectv for the microsoft azure secures sensitive data by. Thre are 8 additional code signing certificates issued to this publisher. Once the protectv client image is installed and the client vm is rebooted, the encrypting process begins.

Entryprotect by sentrybay desktop software designed to protect all data entered into web browsers protects all data entry including personal and financial information from malwarespywaretrojans and phishing attacks that attempt to steal confidential information. Safenet authentication service sasa cloud authentication service of safenet, inc. Safenet is firmly integrated into the wider product gemalto portfolio and its solutions for enterprise security and software monetization. All luna tseries models can be initialized by the customer to protect. We offer consultancy services, including risk assessment, puwer, machine safety, project management, timecritical analysis and specialist engineering advice. This is to announce the endofsupport dates for safenet protectv software releases.

Prove ownership and control of your data with safenet protectv. Start the group policy editor, by typing c in the start menu. Safenets apponchip technology strengthens the bond between protected software and hardware keys for most secure software licensing solution news provided by safenet, inc. Safenet protectapp by safenet safenet protectapp offers the highest level of.

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