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Netapp datasheet clustered data ontap operating system. If you have questions regarding items contained in this listing, contact your netapp sales or channel partner representative. The system compares index information on a parity disk with data on the remaining healthy disks to reconstruct the missing data, all without downtime or a significant performance cost. Aff c190 systems installing and setting up the system netapp. Netapp fas 8080 x specs and information, refurbished pricing. Describes how to install aff8040, aff8060, and aff8080 systems in dual controller configurations for sanoptimized, nasoptimized and all flash optimized systems.

Ideal for dataintensive workloads such as analytics and devops, these cloud data services combine elastic, ondemand storage as a service from netapp. About netapp netapp is the data authority for hybrid cloud. Starting in 2005 chris took over tme responsibilities of netapp s ontap platforms and has helped design and launch dozens of new all flash fas aff and fas platforms since then. These documents can be found on the netapp support site at support. Netapp fas 8080 x specs, pricing and information fas8080 ex fas8060 fas8040 fas8020. Of course, it also includes support for netapp cloud volumes, netapp hci, and netapp aff. In 2003, chris was so happy as a netapp customer, he decided to join the company as a technical marketing engineer tme. By continuing to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies, as described in our cookie policy. Netapp fas8000 array fas 8020 8040 8060 8080 specs pricing. Per ha pair specifications activeactive dual controller. The 8020 controller module uses cable management arms, while the rest of the 80xx family uses a cable management tray. Netapp data fabric architecture fundamentals joe caradonna, arthur lent, netapp march 2017 wp7218 abstract hybrid and multicloud deployment models are the new normal for enterprise it organizations. Ds4243 datasheet, ds4243 pdf, ds4243 data sheet, ds4243 manual, ds4243 pdf, ds4243, datenblatt, electronics ds4243, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data.

Get more from existing storage investments simplify your it operations and deliver more value from existing storage with the only unified storage virtualization solution. Optimize for the hybrid cloud easily implement a serviceoriented. Datasheet netapp ef560 allflash array response in microseconds to your most demanding enterprise applications key benefits extreme performance over 650,000 iops and latency below 800 microseconds let you finish business operations more quickly and improve the customer experience. Helpful links visit the netapp web site for more information. Quickly respond to changing storage needs across flash, disk, and. The fas8000 arrays, flexarray virtualization software, and clustered data ontap 8. Refer to our end of availability listing for products and services that are still supported, but are no longer available for purchase. Datasheet netapp fas8080 ex reach new levels of performance, availability, and scalability for businesscritical applications the challenge organizations depend on enterprise applications to keep their operations running. Netapp fas9000 modular hybrid flash system quickly respond to demanding storage needs across flash, disk, and cloud with industryleading data management key benefits accelerate enterprise applications reduce latency and speed operations with up to 50% higher performance. Datasheet netapp fas6200 series performance, availability, and scale for the enterprise key benefits deliver an infrastructure built for agility intelligent management, immortal availability, and infinite scaling. See aff8000 software for more details on software offered with allflash aff8000.

It leaders recognize the benefits of allflash storage for delivering consistent, lowlatency io to. Flexarray virtualization software extends the capabilities of. Netapp hci is backed by worldclass support, with a single point of contact for both hardware and software. This tool demonstrates the santricity software on the eseriesefseries storage systems. Fas2700 series hybrid storage systems datasheet netapp. Systems netapp fas3000 series improve the availability and performance of your enterprise applications and consolidations with our costeffective enterprise storage systems key benefits meet diverse needs you can use our fas3000 systems for primary and secondary storage with simultaneous block and file serving over fibre channel and ethernet. All flash fas systems come with netapp ontap storage software and advanced data management and data protection tools.

Cloud insights quickly inventories what resources you have, figures out the interdependencies across them, and assembles a topology of your environment. You can find and view some netapp documents here without logging in. For metrocluster systems using sas optical cables, see configuring a stretch metrocluster system with sas disk shelves and sas optical cables. Netapp fas8000 array fas 8020 8040 8060 8080 specs. Pdf and epub are available from inside the documentation center. Modern raid technologies protect against disk failure by rebuilding a failed disks data on a spare disk. Netapp datasheet the new netapp fas3200 series enables. Netapp uses cookies and similar technologies to improve and customize your online experience. Maximize availability of business operations proven 99. Netapp also provides superior integration with enterprise backup vendors and leading applications.

Inventory and make a note of the number and types of cables you received. The product described in this manual may be protected by one or more u. Support includes 247365 worldwide availability, with 4hour onsite response for critical system issues. Netapp guarantees a customers fas8000 with flexarray, or vseries machine, will pay for itself in nine months or less or it will make up the difference. Netapp aff8080 ex performance and server consolidation with. Datasheet clustered data ontap operating system revolutionize your storage software, remove it constraints, and speed response to business changes key benefits nondisruptive operations perform storage maintenance, hardware lifecycle operations, and software upgrades without interrupting your business eliminate planned and unplanned. Data driven organizations require an agile and efficient it infrastructure to meet the demand for fast.

With these mixed environments, new challenges around data management emerge. In hybrid fas8000 configurations, flash functions as a self managing virtual storage tier with up to 144tb of flash pool per ha pair and 1. Datasheet the new netapp fas3200 series enables flash, clustering to improve it agility and performance key benefits designed for an agile data infrastructure intelligent management reduces complexity to deliver business impact faster immortal operations that are nondisruptive to eliminate planned downtime infinite scaling allows your. Datasheet netapp e5700 series achieve fieldproven and reliable performance efficiency for modern enterprise applications key benefits extreme performance accelerate performance, boost iops, and increase density with a hybrid system that is perfectly suited for modern enterprise applications, such as big data analytics, technical computing.

But some of them are restricted to registered customers. Datasheet netapp all flash fas performance without compromise the challenge as businesses strive to achieve faster time to market and greater customer satisfaction, they must improve the speed and responsiveness from key business operations. For storage systems, see the ds4243, ds2246, ds4486, and ds4246 disk shelf installation and service guide. Installation and setup instructions aff8040, aff8060, and aff8080 systems part no. This tool provides a visual presentation and specifications of the complete netapp line of hardware products and components. Netapp datasheet disk shelves and storage media for fas. These options range from onpremises aff or fas systems to ontap select softwaredefined storage, netapp hci, and inthecloud cloud volumes ontap software.

For more information, please see this knowledge base article. Updating clusters in a non metrocluster configuration updating clusters in a metrocluster configuration obtaining ontap software images updating singlenode clusters updating a cluster nondisruptively how to update a cluster nondisruptively cluster update window metrocluster switchover and switchback metrocluster switchover and switchback workflow. Loosen the thumbscrew on the cam handle of the controller module. Netapp volume encryption supported supported flexarray specifications spray core array luns recommended min raw capacity 28. This system is well suited for any small, remote, or branch of. Netapp e2700 storage system costeffective, simple san storage key benefits easy to use and con. Download and install config advisor on your laptop. Fas8080 documentation epub content might display differently than in pdf or online.

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